Our space

A few pictures from our first night in the space as owners, day after signing the lease. More pictures through the "Read More" link at bottom of post.

First we covered the windows.
Then Inna popped the cork! Finally could celebrate having a space for the deli--
Embarking on an adventure full of danger and opportunity, exciting!
(Should Photoshop a parrot onto her shoulder, ohh ho ho just had a good laugh).

After walking a few steps threw the door. The car seats are from the previous tenant's van;
appears that they were going to return to steal more equipment or inflict additional damage.
Behind the counter. The dividing wall and all that equipment will be replaced by deli cases,
sandwich prep station, range, grill, and griddle. Notice the ample kitchen space in the back too.
Posted our first signage for passerby's. First picture of me as well.