Almost ready to open!

I am sitting on a bench out front of the deli. So glad summer is here and today is the Walk For Hunger so it's been even more summer-like because of all the people out. I cleaned up our store front a bit and put up the Equal Exchange window decal, they are our source for exceptional fair-trade organic coffee! Below is a picture of their main roasting facility and warehouse in E. Bridgewater, MA-- I went there to pickup our brewer, grinder, water filter, coffee, and ecotainers, and I got a nice tour and visited my friend Molly who works with their Interfaith Program.
My mom handed out fliers and my sister Liz, and her friend Gaya, put mini fliers in car windshields. The kind person at Staples gave us the 500 mini-fliers they printed by mistake, would have been a shame if they threw them out (in general I've had a great experiences dealing with the Staples print center folks on Soldier's Field Road).

We are aiming for end of next week Monday, May 9th to finally open . We had a last minute delay because of a permit, though that has given us more time to prepare. We can't open soon enough but we know there will be countless new challenges once we do open so the extra prep time is helpful. The grand opening will likely be a couple weeks after our initial opening; we want at least that much time to smooth out operations and get in rhythm.

Some more pictures of our space:
My friend Dan visited this morning and is very excited about the deli and helping out,
he's an experienced restaurant cook himself.
Installing a hanging light above the corner bench table.

Behind the counter. From front left: oven/range, grill, griddle, fryer for falafel, shawarma, sink table, panini press, coffee grinder, coffee brewer (behind the grinder), and meat slicer not visible.
The right tool for the job. Shawarma!