Our first week

It has been a while since the last post and a lot has happened between "Almost ready to open" and our opening.

Firstly, the reception by customers has been fantastic. Many people keep coming back, some daily. Our deli items (salads, stuffed cabbage, chicken in peach sauce...) and our packaged soups have been very popular take-out items. Two other super popular items are our falafel and corned beef, both homemade of course. Selling quality food means a lot to us so having people enjoy all our food and tell us how much they wanted a place like this to exist has made each day highly rewarding.

Last night we had our first big catering order and it felt great to see our food enjoyed by both high-schoolers and the staff at Temple Israel. Inna arranged some beautiful platters that I hope we get a picture of. We had another sandwich platter ordered by our neighbor Mosher's and it looked gorgeous too, afraid we didn't get a picture of the sandwiches held together with pickle-toothpicks!

Now for some pictures and then back to work!

Our deli case has been well stocked with both the familiar and the "what's that?"
The most common item asked about is Shuba, a Russian salad that looks beautiful layed with potatoes, herring, onion, beets, carrot, and egg. People always enjoy the sample we give them.
Our good friend Rob having a corned beef sandwich. He suggested we advertise our homemade corned beef in giant letters because it's so uncommon that a place cures its own meat and it's a big selling point. Our latest batch of corned beef is the best I've ever had too!

Mom is building the 'cone' for our first public Shawarma. It's very labor intensive to prepare and also to babysit while it's cooking, can't step away from it for more than a minute. Also the meat must be used the same day. The work does pay off though, it's really the most delicious turkey! We decided we'll offer it a couple times a week on the same days so people know when to come for it.

My friend Yifan came from MIT with his ZBT brothers. It was a great surprise, thanks! He picked up some specialties for his Jewish brothers too.

 As should be expected with a new business... there are accidents. These are a few of my first loaves of Gluten-free Rye that had a tragic fall. This was the smallest of accidents over the past weeks, it's nothing compared to losing gas, having a refrigerator fail, buying a new freezer, or having the oven stop working --
lots of challenges to overcome so no point in crying over some dropped bread...
though I may have shed a tear anyway.

And then there are happy accidents too. Due to an oven knob fail the temperature and times that these Gluten-free Challah were baked at was not what was planned. What I thought would result in collapse ended up making possibly the best GF Challah yet! I'm not sure since these all sold and I didn't get to sample one but one of the customers told me the next day that it was the best GF bread she's had. This week I hope to recreate the magic and save a loaf for myself to try, and slices to use for french toast!