Our first month...

It's been a month since we opened... and since my last post there is so much that we have been through that I could spend a whole day writing. Instead I will share some links to mentions of us in the media, our reviews on Yelp, and then I will share some photos (will attempt chronological order).

Our Yelp page: http://www.yelp.com/biz/innas-kitchen-newton
In "The Jew and the Carrot" blog at The Jewish Daily Forward:  In Boston Sustainable Deli Thrives at Inna's Kitchen by Aliza Wasserman
The Newton Villages Blog: Village Business Profile: Inna's Kitchen
From Tatsu at chowhound : "I just sat down... and ordered SHAKSUKA at the new Inna's Kitchen, very excited! Real Jewish Food, nice little cozy deli on Pelham St..." click on the link for his full posting. That was then linked to from the Boston Restaurant Talk blog

Greg the Shawarma King. We have Shawarma every day except Monday now!

Apple Strudel along with our cookies, scones, and knishes. 

Stuffed peppers for our second catering event at Temple Israel.
Also made apple Strudel, Chicken, roasted vegetables, salad, and my Whole Wheat Challah as rolls,
and a gluten-free cupcake.

Inna's very special layered honey cake made to order.

100% Whole Wheat Challah. There are a few weekly buyers and hopefully,  knock-on-wood,
I will have a way to scale up production soon!

Roasted vegetables for the deli case. Very popular!

These are now dubbed "Jewshi!" Lox and cream cheese pinwheels.

We've been making great use of our grill. Broccoli comes out fantastically delicious and gorgeous when lightly blanched and then briefly grilled for additional color and flavor.

Goodbye refrigerator monster - it was ridiculously noisy and just acted as a de-humidifier.
Now we have a single-glass-door refrigerator and freezer for stocking lots of frozen soup among other things!

Gluten-free Challah has been a hit. Think it's better now than the first iterations. It sells well fresh on Friday, sliced and frozen, and as French Toast on weekends!

Layered Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream 'Cheese' Frosting - Gluten and Dairy-free! This was ordered as a birthday cake the evening after I gave a cupcake to a customer for their birthday.
Turned out AMAZING and I've made it again since.
Will post a "making of" post later showing Kevin meticulously frosting it.

Falafel plate! These are popular and fun to arrange too.
We also do the above with Shawarma, just made three of these right now!

Time to post this update and get back to work. I am very excited about our first summer!