Farmer's Market Season!

The Newton Farmer's Market at Cold Spring Park started last Tuesday. I went to check it out and talk to farmer's about possible getting items wholesale. I also wanted to talk to the Newton Community Farm workers about taking our compost, but I learned that they are only at the Friday market on California Street.

It's so exciting to be able to pick up a lot of local produce and make interesting food from it for the community. I was most excited by the young collard green's from Hanson's Farm in Framingham. I've wanted to have our vegetarian stuffed collard greens for a while but good ones were hard to find till now, the season for them! It is striking how vibrantly green they are after blanching!

Inna went later that day to drop off our menu's so the farmers know they can come here to eat. She saw "Russian Squash" and had to get them to make stuffed squash. This uses the same filling as the stuffed cabbage but smaller--the squash is delicious cooked this way.