Happy Rosh Hashanah and We're On Television!

Rosh Hashanah is over and we look forward to this year being very sweet indeed! We had a bunch of orders, from a pound of liver to 50 gefilte fish, and a bunch of new customers too. We didn't expect quite such a jump in traffic so we were overwhelmed the entire day trying to cook more of everything to meet demand. We can't wait for the next holiday to be better prepared!
Channel 7 News came to film how to make traditional honey cake for Rosh Hashanah.

They cut a lot but it's still pretty nice and I think Inna is a total natural for cooking shows!

Now we need to make a bunch more honey cakes since we're sold out from Rosh Hashanah! Will have plenty for the week I hope.

Other things we learned from this holiday experience:
  •   We can make amazing egg-free and gluten-free gefilte fish! We did a dozen egg-free upon request and they came out way better than expected.
  •   Gluten-free gefilte fish are a bit too soft, maybe we will make them all egg-free too because those came out denser.
  •   Matzo-balls won't be oversized. Our deli standard size is perfect and the giant ones, while fluffy, aren't as manageable.
  •    Must prepare a lot further in advance! We should have had a lot more of everything; we tried to have a lot extra this time too but it just wasn't enough! Especially baked goods, those we should start preparing months in advance because we ran out of teiglach-- a customer bought one then came back to buy a dozen more. Gluten-free items too! I should have cakes already made and there was a demand for way more cupcakes, cookies, and challah than I had (sold everything I had in the freezer too).
  •   We need a bigger walk-in refrigerator... that way we can prepackage orders instead of packaging them as people came in. Sorry to those who had to wait for their orders!
  •   And along those lines... we need to ask people what time they will come-in-- we only started doing that with later orders. Thank you to those who called ahead, that let us prepare for your arrival!
This list could go on... but overall I think our first holiday was a success.

Have to include a picture of the fish again (and will need to share a video of some of the process too, some FUN was had!)