Hamantaschen and Israeli Pita!

Hamantaschen time!
With homemade Poppy-Seed filling as well as an Apricot-Date one. These are dairy-free and not too sweet. I love the honey flavored dough, nice and on the soft-and-flaky side rather than like hard cookies.
Price is 4 for $5.95, or $1.75 each
* If you want to make sure to get some call ahead, they are going quick. *

I am making Gluten-Free Hamantaschen Today too!

Israeli Pita!
We have been trying to find Israeli Pita since we opened. Problem was that they companies wouldn't deliver to us because we are too small. But since we switched to using kosher meat our supplier can get us these pita too! It is so good! Now it really feels like Israeli Falafel and Shawarma.

Right now we only have white but with the next order we will get wholewheat as well. We will still have the Syrian bread for a while and may well keep it, even if only to make our addictive pita chips.