Passover Menu and Kosher Meat

It is very exciting going through holidays for the first time as a business. Each one is a huge learning experience, especially figuring out what the most popular items in the community are. We are taking good notes so everything will go smoother next time around (especially so as not to run out of food). So... passover starts in just one month from today!

We tried to keep the menu simple but filled with traditional items (From Scratch Gefilte Fish!)-- Kalduni are a very traditional dish in our family too, can you imagine giant meat-stuffed-latkes?

As of today all the meat products are made with Glatt Kosher Certified Meat (with a couple exceptions such as the meat knishes). There is now an "Our Kosher Style" link in the menu above where I have briefly outlined some of our kashrut related items. This switch has been in the works for about a month and as word has spread we have seen more excitement about it. Today we cooked our first kosher roast beef (using shoulder instead of top-round)... just sliced into it and it's great. We will kasher our slicer as well as our roasting pans soon (since we previously used them with non-kosher meat). Let us know if you have questions!