Thanksgivukkah! Order Deadline is Wednesday, November 20th.

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There are a couple new items on the menu, including a few that are in honor of Thanksgivukkah  (such as the Corn Latkes and Pumpkin-Apple Latkes).
Also new is Veggie Chopped Liver! 

Another very special item is Kalduni - Belorussian Meat-stuffed Latkes.
I joke that Kalduni are the reason my dad married my mom. If you think latkes are labor intensive... these are are even more so. Definitely something you won't find anywhere else. They are served with a mushroom and onion gravy. We've done them every year and they've become more and more popular as people find out about them. People ask for them all year but unless you order a bunch they are only available during Hanukkah.

  We will have a few other items available at the deli. Mostly baked goods that we want to experiment with - cranberry lemon squares, pumpkin cookies... I will try to post new items online so you can order some things ahead of time.
  I know people will be asking for GF Sufganiyot but I don't plan to make them unless I have good luck making them without a deep fryer -- deep frying them on the stove was too much work last year (if anybody has a spare deep fryer they want to lend me that could work too.)

NOTE: It's been a long two weeks since Inna was with her family in Israel till this past Saturday. Sorry it took so long to make this available. A few of you called while Inna was away and I had to tell you to wait till this week to order because I, Alex, had my hands full. Now that Inna is back we're excited to continue trying new things and growing!
  Things to look forward to (hopefully before new years!): Cooking classes, special dinner pre-order items, dinner pre-order delivery, gluten-free mail-order, and some exciting new offerings at the deli (hot hummus anybody?!)

All the best!

Turkey Roulade

Pumpkin-Apple Pie! (Not on the order form but maybe you'll get lucky when I make it again at the deli).