Passover 2014

Passover 2014 Menu is Live! Get it while it's hot!

If you have any issues with viewing the menu online let me know and I can send it as an attachment. If you can't drop off or fill out a form in person we can take your order over the phone.
Deadline to order is Friday, April 4th, approximately 3 weeks from today. We expect it will be a very busy holiday compared to last year and we will stop taking orders after the deadline, so please, please, please order before then as it's painful for us to say no.

We are normally closed on Mondays but will be open for pickups on Monday April 14th, that's the first night of Passover. We will be closed on Tuesday for the first day of Passover. We will be open the rest of Passover and will have Passover Style offerings - think matzo lasagna. I do not plan on making soft matzo again though, that'd be a full-time job in itself.