Inna's at the BPM

Excited to finally be able to share that we will be a vendor at the Boston Public Market, opening this July! We were invited last Fall, so it's been a long time in the planning and we had to keep it under wraps, till now.

Can scroll to us on the BPM vendors page:

 (Yes, it's amusing to be listed between a charcuterie shop and the piglets from another meat shop. At the market, our stall is actually sandwiched between two farms.)

The first press release:

It will be a tight space but we'll still offer a wide selection.

  For breakfast we'll do bagels, shakshuka, and sabih.

  For lunch we'll also have falafel, shawarma, and some of our specialty salads pre-packaged (all still prepared in Newton).

We will serve hot soups, including chicken soup, and have a freezer stocked with soups, pot pies, blintzes, and other entrees.

Everything that is possible to source locally, will be. We'll hopefully find a way to preserve the seasons tomatoes and other veggies in their prime, to be enjoyed in shakshuka year-round.

Not doing our cold cuts as there will be a pastrami vendor, and while we cure our own it's still not local. We'll continue using Kosher meat and poultry, though not doing any beef items at the market -- might add our Kofta later.

Can't wait for Summer!