Mediterranean  Platter

Testimonial from Sarah at ImmunoGen, Inc.

As an admin at ImmunoGen, Inc., a BioTech in Waltham, I'm responsible for providing lunch for an average of three executive-level meetings each week.  On the rare occasion that I order from a place other than Inna's,  the attendees groan and say, "why didn't we get lunch from the good place!?"
Our CFO, vice president and head scientists perk up when they see Alex coming with Inna's famous zhoug and pita chips in particular, and if there are ever any leftovers, they're gone from the kitchenette in about five minutes flat.
Inna and her team not only provide delicious healthy high flavor lunches to our staff, but they often come on little notice with a smile and their prices are consistently competitive.  Other admins have asked me for Inna's menu and card because they see that Inna's offers something a little different that's just eclectic enough to impress guests that we invite in for lunch meetings from outside the company while holding internal interest.
Their roast beef with horseradish sandwich on marble is my personal favorite (really fresh high grade meat) and the vegetarian employees love how much variety they still get between the veggie wraps and specialty salads.  Everyone loves the quinoa salad and assorted desserts and I confess, I usually will wrap a chicken ceasar wrap up to take home with me if one makes it out of the meeting in one piece.

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