We keep our kitchen gluten-free by default so most deli items, soups, and frozen entrees are celiac friendly. Most are dairy-free too, those that have dairy will be marked.

We bake a variety of specialty Gluten-free goods as well. The list changes so call to see what we have currently available. We will try to have a variety stocked in the freezer but right now it's hard to keep up. Your best bet is to order ahead, especially if you want them fresh, not frozen.

Challah - Order by Thursday for Friday.
Also sometimes available from freezer. Call for availability.
"Rye" Bread
Available sliced and frozen. Vegan, Sugar-free, Corn-free, Soy-free, and awesome!
Chicken or Vegetarian Pot Pies
Chocolate-Chip Cookies

 Buckwheat Cheese Blintzes

 Carrot-Cake Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting.

Holiday Specialties:
 ~ Honey Cake Loaves
 ~ Hamantaschen
~ GF Matzo Baklava
~ Cheesecake with Ginger-snap Crust

 ~ About our Gluten-Free Kitchen Practices ~

We keep our kitchen gluten-free so the vast majority of our food is safe for those with Celiac.

We have a separate section in our kitchen for wheat items and baking. That section includes separate sets of sugar, salt, and other common ingredients so as to avoid contamination. We do bake gluten items such as knishes and strudel in our convection oven but we do not use flour to line the pans and we keep other items in the oven covered if there are gluten items.

Our deli case is organized so the few non-GF items are on the bottom. Even items traditionally made with wheat flour we substitute gluten-free flours. Examples are our latke's, lasagna, and quinoa tabbouleh.

We use only gluten-free soy sauce, rice and other ingredients.

 If you come for lunch, breakfast, or other prepared-to-order food, just let us know if you need it prepared on a separate surface -- because we do make most sandwiches on wheat breads. We can make GF Sandwiches on GF Challah or "Rye." Sometimes we get items from the back when there was a chance of cross-contamination. For example our soups are usually gluten-free but when we heat them up for serving they are next to the matzo balls and could therefore get contaminated.

Our Falafel is gluten-free and it is the only item we fry. We make sure to only shape the Falafel balls with clean gloves and otherwise avoid contaminating the oil. We serve Gluten-Free Falafel and Shawarma as salad plates.