More than Kosher Style

This page is to document, share, and publicize our Kashrut related practices. Let us know if you have more questions! (updated 7/6/2012).

When we opened we were "Kosher Style" (under no Kosher supervision), now we are more than that. From the beginning we did not use pork, shellfish, or mix meat and dairy in prepared food. Now we use only kosher certified meats and poultry.  
  • Our Glatt Kosher Beef is grass-fed, from Uruguay or Mexico (we previously used local pastured beef from Vermont). We use Rib-Eye for our roast beef (better than top-round or shoulder). It's more expensive but it's awesome, you can even slice it thick and eat it like steak!
  • The poultry is kosher and hormone-free and antibiotic-free, usually from NY & NJ. 
  • Our frier is exclusively for Falafel, with occasional other veggies.
  • We do not mix dairy and meat in prepared food. However, we do NOT have separate sets of dishes, utensils, cutting boards, ovens... The only dairy items we make are usually lasagna, eggplant parm, spinach & feta knishes, blintzes, noodle kugel, occasional other entrees.
    • We do plan to get separate kitchenware for dairy since there are so few dairy items that we do.
  • We use Pareve chocolate, cocoa, and puff pastry dough for knishes and strudel. Instead of butter we use a trans-fat-free vegetable shortening.
  • We do not close for Shabbes.
  • We have done kosher catering for places with kosher kitchens and we are well versed in kashrut.
I am sure we will update and clarify this again. Feel free to ask us any specific questions and share your needs with us.