Pre-Order, Delivery, Mail Order

Place orders via phone (617-244-5345) or email:


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Pickup or Delivery

Order ahead for a quick pickup! Winter delivery available in Newton on Wednesday evenings, other days, times, and location possible as well depending on circumstances. Tuesday evening we deliver to the

Cleveland Circle

area and could drop off near there as well (Brookline/Brighton/Chestnut Hill North of Boylston, West of Washington St.)

For selection see: 

Deli & Freezer List

. These items are usually available, even for same-day orders. Call for daily availability of non-frozen soups, baked fish, or other possible entree options.

  •   You should also look at our Catering Menu (specifically pages 7 and 8 for more dinner options). Some cold items from our Dine-in/ Takeout Menu can be ordered as well (such as a sandwich for dinner or next day’s lunch).
  •   Place order at least a day in advance to have largest selection available, or by Sunday for Tuesday evening pickup (we are closed Mondays).
  •   Total cost will be calculated by pickup time as some prices are weight dependent. You may pay at pickup / drop-off with cash, check, or credit card -- we can also email an invoice that can be paid with credit card or paypal online.

Delivery Details

  •   No charge for delivery for orders over $100 on Tuesdays or Wednesdays within our regular delivery area (Wednesdays Newton, Tuesdays Brookline/Brighton/Chestnut Hill North of Boylston, West of Washington St.)
  •   $50 minimum, not including delivery cost of $15 for orders under $100 or outside days and locations listed above.
  •   Ask us about delivering on other days, times, or outside Newton, we will do our best to accomodate. We can use a delivery service with a couple days notice. Cost will vary.

Mailorder Trial

See the 

Deli & Freezer List

 and our 

Bakery List

  for selection.

Please email or call to discuss your order with Alex to confirm mail order will work. 

See contact info above.

  • A standard package is 10 pints of soup and two large pot pies. See picture
  • Minimum order size is $80. While in trial stage you can order less but shipping cost is fixed.
  • Shipping cost is $20/box for next-day ground delivery within 300 miles.
  • A big box can fit approximately 16 pints of soup, 10-12 pints + 2-4 pot pies or frozen entrées/trays, or 8-10 pints + 4-6  pot pies entrees/trays. 
  • Order by Tuesday for delivery Friday.  That gives us a one day buffer to work-out any initial logistical issues.  I expect we will be able to change the deadline to Wednesday for Friday delivery and Tuesday for Thursday delivery.