Shtiebel Eco-Kosher

Our Newton Culinaria location is Kosher but we do not have any outside supervision. We are still exploring possibilities and hope to be able to serve as many of our neighbors as possible. *

We have partnered with Rabbi Benjamin Newman, from NYC, to attain Shtiebel Eco-Kosher Certification.  It is all quite new and we are excited to be part of the endeavor and actively involved in the Eco-Kosher movement to promote social, ethical, and environmental responsibility. This is something independent of supervision and if we do attain supervision it would be in addition, not instead of, Eco-Kosher certification. To learn more about Shtiebel and their values visit:

* NOTE: We always intended to have supervision and made every effort to get local Orthodox supervision. The primary obstacle is that we have a 7-day a week location at the Boston Public Market and because we are Jewish they do not want us involved in anything non-kosher supervised — if we had a non-Jewish business partner it would more feasible. We are still actively looking at options and alternatives to enable us to serve as many of our Jewish neighbors as possible. I encourage you to speak with your community and leaders to see if there is room for us to have a trusted direct relationship.