Help us upgrade equipment!

Written by Alex Khitrik


Posted on October 07 2023

Shrink wrap and seal machine.

We got a state grant that will match 2:1 what we raise via this crowdfunding campaign that ends October 18th!

See the campaign at:
You can contribute to the campaign in-store or by mail as well.

Our goal of raising $5,736 will enable us to purchase $17,208 worth of equipment. Items like a heat wrapping  and sealing machine (pictured above) to effectively seal our frozen products, a powered pie dough press since we've outgrown our old press (pictured) that doesn't work well with our healthier coconut oil based pastry dough, and a commercial level grain mill that can handle continuous operation (the little one we started with works great but is intended for home bakers and can only handle small batches).

We also have a stretch goal, a big one, (for any funds raised beyond the $5,736 campaign goal) to build a large walk-in freezer so we have capacity to add more wholesale accounts and also start shipping nationwide. The freezer is a big project and we plan to finalize it after this campaign. It depends, in part, on how much we raise beyond the campaign target. The optimal walk-in freezer option for our space, and best value, is in place of our current ancient fridge, and may cost over $40,000. It will have many added benefits such as:

  • Freeing up half our basement that is currently used by several large chest freezers and the ancient compressor for our fridge (the new compressor would be mounted outside!)
  • Reducing cost of ingredients and supplies because we will be able to place much larger bulk orders.
  • Lower utility costs...
  • AND, eliminating one of the biggest sources of physical stress! No more schlepping heavy cases of products to and from the basement and shuffling them around inside our crowded, often filled-to-capacity, little walk-in freezer.

We are exploring other options, but thus far this is the most straight-forward and practical option even if it costs much more.  Alternative options for freezer space still cost nearly half as much (~$20k) for a tiny fraction of the storage space, none of the other benefits listed above, and major trade-offs that further negate the cost savings. 

Thank you for your support at any level!