When I, Alex, decided to continue the business without Inna, it was with the mission to make the business align with my values and urgent need to work towards addressing issues such as climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution. This has led to many changes:

  • Eliminating beef and poultry and focusing on plant based alternatives -- and baking wholesome GF breads that Alex is especially passionate about.
  • Using more environmentally friendly ingredients (read more about ingredient standards below).
  • Packaging: switching to the most easily recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • Waste: Minimizing our waste by adding recycling and composting! For trash we now use WinWaste which has a local power plant that converts it into electricity.

The process of making these changes is challenging, and sometimes expensive, but it is essential for me to make the effort. Inna and I have loved sharing our food with the community since we opened in 2011. I hope I can continue the tradition in a way that feeds my spirit as well.

- Alex Khitrik

Ingredient Standards

  • We do not use any products containing high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, or MSG (monosodium glutamate.)
  • We avoid using processed foods and anything containing artificial ingredients (such as flavorings, colorings, and preservatives). 
  • We are actively pursuing non-GMO certification and also switching to more organic, healthier, and environmentally friendly products such as:
    Organic Coconut Oil instead of Palm oil – Palm cultivation is responsible for a significant amount of tropical forest loss and it is not yet possible to source sustainably grown palm oil in the US. Coconut oil presents it’s own negatives regarding environmental impact but we are looking for the best products we can. Our coconut oil is organic from Azure Standard
    Organic Expeller Pressed Canola Oil – Canola oil is better than many vegetable oils regarding environmental impact when it is organic. Conventionally grown canola oil involves significant usage of pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals.
    Organic Grains & Seeds -- To maximize product quality and freshness we are sourcing more whole grains to grind into flour as need.
    Unifine Flour -- We are getting organic flour from Azure Standard that they mill using a special Unifine Mill that creates super-fine wholegrain flours that retains significantly more nutrients while also improving product quality with softer texture due to it absorbing more water. Read their story here: "Why Azure Mill's Unifine Flours are Better for You"


The Culinaria is dedicated gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free*, and Kosher Pareve (pescatarian)

We do NOT use ingredients that are processed in facilities shared with these or other common allergens. 

 * We do use coconut products. Coconuts are not nuts but the USDA groups them with tree nuts.

Allergens present in our facility*:

Fish - Salmon, White-fleshed fish (usually Hake, otherwise Cod), Tuna salad made with canned tuna (Ruby brand: half light tuna in water and half chunk white albacore).

Eggs - In Mayonnaise used for egg salad, tuna salad, and cole-slaw. Some baked goods made with eggs: challah, cookies, pumpkin bread, and carrot cake. Veggie meatballs contain the challah made with eggs.

Sesame Seeds - In Tahini Sauce used for Hummus

Soy - Tofu products, Impossible Meat products, Soy oil in Mayonnaise, Soy lecithin in some chocolate.

Mustard - in pickles used for Beet Salad

* We are very careful in handling these ingredients to avoid cross contamination.

We're Certified Kosher Pareve under Lighthouse Kosher supervision.

To find out more about what that means visit Lighthouse Kosher.