Hamantashen - Berry Medley (4 Pack)

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Hamantashen - A traditional filled cookie for the Purim holiday. Pack of four with mixed berry filling.
May be frozen but defrosts quickly at room temperature.

Ours are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free (as is everything we make). They are also vegan and soy free.

Ingredients: Gluten-free flour mix (brown rice*, sorghum*, tapioca*, sweet rice, potato starch*, cassava*, tigernut*), RSPO palm oil*, sugar*, orange juice, psyllium, baking powder* (mono calcium phosphate, tapioca starch, sodium bicarbonate), orange zest, vanilla*, salt. 
* Denotes organic ingredients.

Filling ingredients:
Poppy Seed - Poppy seeds, date, honey, sugar, lemon. Contains: HONEY
Apricot - Apricots, apricot jam (apricots, pectin, sugar)
Prune - Prunes, sugar, lemon.
Mixed Berry - Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, tapioca, sugar.
Chocolate - Organic fair-trade dark chocolate, organic coconut oil, organic coconut cream, cocoa powder, powdered sugar (contains cornstarch).