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Closed Sundays for the Summer, starting May 26 (Memorial Day weekend).

Kosher Pareve

As of September 2022, Inna’s Kitchen is strictly Kosher Pareve under the Orthodox rabbinic supervision of Rabbi Barry Dolinger of Lighthouse Kosher. You may read more about Lighthouse Kosher here.

You can view our Certification Letter here.

Prior to this we were kosher but without any supervision. We had been working with Rabbi Benjamin Newman, from NYC, to attain Shtiebel Eco-Kosher Certification. This project has been slow moving as there are so many other urgent tasks but I hope it continues and we can have an Eco-Kosher certification IN ADDITION TO a traditional Hechsher. We are excited to be part of the endeavor and actively involved in the Eco-Kosher movement to promote social, ethical, and environmental responsibility. To learn more about Shtiebel and their values visit their website

NOTE: We always intended to have supervision and made every effort to get local Vaad supervision. We are still actively looking at options and alternatives to enable us to serve as many of our Jewish neighbors as possible. I encourage you to speak with your community and leaders to see how we can be a trusted source of wholesome kosher food for you.