Wry 'Rye' - GF Rye-style Bread (Sliced and Frozen)

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Style: Seedless

Gluten-free rye style bread (does NOT contain rye, which is a type of wheat). The teff flour in combination with other flours gives it the green 'rye' flavor. 1.15lb loaf. Stays well in the fridge for a few weeks but best to keep frozen if keeping longer than a week and toast slices as needed.  It toasts up fantastic from frozen and is perfect for sandwiches or toast (even if you're not gluten-free!)

Naturally leavened with our own wild yeast starter.

Ingredients: Water, teff flour*, sorghum flour*, millet flour*, potato starch*, tapioca starch*, amaranth flour*, buckwheat flour*, quinoa flour*, flaxseed*, psyllium husk, olive oil, apple cider vinegar*, apple sauce*,  and salt.
Seeded variety also contains caraway seeds.
* Denotes Organic Ingredient.

Vegan, Gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, nut-free, and free of many other top allergens.
Kosher Pareve

* Made in a facility that also processes: Eggs, Soy, Fish, and Coconut